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Increase Walmart Product Reviews with Automated Emails

Create beautiful emails and automate campaigns based on buyer behavior and order life-cycle. Monitor and optimize performance using Sellegr8’s powerful email analytics dashboards.

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Beautiful. Effective. Emails.

With Sellegr8’s easy-to-use email template builder, you can design distinctive emails with effective messages that convert.

  • Design unlimited Walmart email templates to engage buyers at all phases of the buying cycle
  • Mitigate issues by proactively reaching out to customers and reduce negative seller feedback
  • Boost your team’s productivity by developing canned responses to common customer inquiries
Your way to success!
  • Set custom variables to embed dynamic text specific to your buyer, product, or order information
  • Switch easily between rich text and HTML editing mode
  • Send test emails to verify that everything looks perfect

Customizable Email Campaigns

Schedule smart email campaigns to communicate to the right customers at the right time.

  • Design and schedule intelligent email funnels targeted towards desired outcomes
  • Target email sends based on customer order status
  • Control email sequences using pre-selected email triggers
  • Monitor email campaign statistics to optimize performance on the campaign level
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  • Exclude sending emails to orders with refunds or late shipments
  • Create unique campaigns for different product groups
  • Strategically add orders or buyers to a global block list

Advanced Tracking Features

Track email conversions and statistics to make informed decisions and optimize for results

  • Use advanced analytics to increase emails conversion rates
  • Deep dive and drill down by filtering dates, products and campaigns
  • A/B test every aspect of your email templates and campaigns to achieve maximum results
Your way to success!
Email Campaign Tracking of:
  • Total Emails Sent
  • Email Open Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Total Number of Product Reviews
  • Reviews to Delivered Orders Ratio

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