Tools to Dominate on Walmart Like You Dominate on Amazon

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The Sellegr8 suite of tools helps sellers crush it on Walmart just as they were meant to.

Lack of data & control has been holding you back. It’s time to change all that.

Tired of sucking on Walmart?

As Amazon sellers, we’re used to slaying online. But eComm is a very data-driven business that takes systems to scale. Sellegr8 gives you the data and systems to help you kill it on Walmart.

Your way to success!

Increase Buyer Reviews

Email Automation Scales Up Your Reviews

Craft powerful email campaigns possibly even more effective than those on Amazon. Sellegr8 lets you create beautiful and effective emails embedded with behavior variables and photos, providing gold-star customer service that invites more Product Reviews.

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Know Your Numbers

Monitor Vital KPIs with Real-Time Financial Dashboards

Save time and increase profits with a real-time view of your Key Performance Indicators, allowing you to focus on profitable products and take critical action on your slow-movers. All orders and customer data can be searched, filtered, analyzed and downloaded for actionable insights.

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Monitor Your Listings

Get Alerts on Events That Affect Sales

Sellegr8 is on the clock 24/7 scanning for changes to pricing, reviews, buy box ownership, product title and much more… Alerting you to threats to your products or your seller account, and risks posed by competitors, Sellegr8 works tirelessly, keeping you always one step ahead.

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Track Keywords Ranking

Know your rankings to evaluate your success

Monitoring your organic and sponsored page positions as well as your competitors’ helps to confirm that your marketing is working. View everything in an easy-to-read rank tracking dashboard to put your efforts towards all of what works and none of what doesn’t, and start seeing your rankings climb to the top of page one.

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Scale Your Business on Walmart with Sellegr8

Run and grow your business with the data tools to scale and succeed.


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